To Moonboy

Eight poems written for ‘To Moonboy’, a collection of eight illustrations by artist Ly Yeow.


People often speak of The Maker’s Touch
unseen hands that form creation from nothingness
weaving intricately the shape and destiny of each being.

But have you stopped and sought
to look deeper into the souls of these shells?

What drives a Maker’s Heart and the creations that stem from it?

“The human heart has hidden treasures
In secret kept, in silence sealed
The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures
Whose charms were broken if revealed

These lives paused to let One leave
As the world moved they stood still
Voices lost in moments of grief
Stay to listen if you will”


Cor – The root of ‘courage’; is only the start
—the Latin word for heart

Strength – The courage you seek can be found within
—that makes reality of dreams

We came undone at the seams, love
destroyed and souls in ruins
We separated, Blame lay unclaimed,
The braver of us unashamed 

I havent heard those whispers
they used to come ceaselessly
In bravery she taught me to love
Now she rests so peacefully
Watching over my heart was
The other me who hid in secrecy

Rest well dear soul, I will
Await when you awake
Love when you are whole


Fell from heaven into the sea, the unicorns
ceased to be, narwhals they became
hearts chained-
Anchored down and buried they remain

What if shooting stars leaped, turned into
sunken starfish in the ocean
mermaid notions-
just humans playing pretend


Living to love with heart
                  you dream

the endless possibilities of
                   what if, that extends to the heart above

To feel, too much?
              for people who loves, who doesn’t, who cares, who leaves.

the struggle to rebuild that grace within us
              turns love to clockwork, the motion of the heart below


This life; one life burning with the beat of
                 two hearts. Two beats carefully spaced a second between

This life; an eternal search for something more
                 to remind me – an infinity permanently etched on skin

Like silent movies our lives have passed wondering
                 what if, what could be, what now, what then

Two hearts; every beat signalling a step closer to the end
                       Did every beat count for something?

This life; filled with human doubt and uncertainty,
                 without the carefree pause – it could be that simple


Elusive, I look to understand you –
as either the moon in darkness waiting to be
lit, or sometimes the sun that burns and sings

In every essence you choose to exist
Your heart is with me, so close
I, so out of reach among the clouds


He is lovely in
her parallel universe, they could have
a unicorn dance where             f    l    e    e    t    i    n    g        m    o    m    e    n    t    s
                                                                                                                       freeze  in time

They are both
real for once, an ephemeral memory in where she finds comfort

The world spins on
madly, then it swerves in an
in/consistent pace                                           shaken, thrown

Lost in the black
                     that used to be shone upon by the universe, the world spins madly on, or perhaps gone maddening, or both, half of infinity

Do they smile, do they cry or do they
               hide behind the dark clouds like a girl so coy?

Somewhere in the half light hangs
                                                                                                                  my moon
Goodnight to you
                                                                                                                  dear one above
                                                                                                                  Let’s fall into sleep

as the world            spins                   spins
                 spins                      spins


A serenade waits
…like a silent lullaby…
where secrets of the heart carry on in a whisper’s breath


>dreams we hid together underneath that one moon

Now molten secrets lay split between
My moon; crying tears
And yours; abandoned hearts

>are now seeping away

Truths laid bare with honesty
Left naked, come undone with
Stripes of pain and dots of piercing reality

>out of your sight

In barren skies of lights extinguished
The easy,  lonely dance to oblivion
Brings a rebirth

>behind in tears

Take our hearts on different paths
You fork; to the left
And I to do what’s right